“I have known Dora since the eighties, and she has grown as a person and working with fashion immeasurably. She’s a top rate gal with fabulous style! She’ll make a ten dollar belt from the vintage store look as glamorous as the ten thousand dollar dress from Neimans!”
Paul Neinast
“Very unique style, everyone needs a refresher, and Dora’s the perfect girl!”
Greg Boggan
Merchandise Manager
Neiman Marcus
“I dreamed all my life of the perfect store for women. Then I saw Neiman Marcus, and my dream came true.” Edna Woolman Chase, editor of Vogue (1936)


“Dora is a tremendous Stylist and friend! She quickly and decisively de-cluttered and pared my closets down to my best pieces. She’s got an amazing “eye”!!!”
Michelle Claassen
Voted Best Dressed
Dallas Modern Luxury 2007




“My new Fashion Advisor, Dora, is making me look and thus “feel” more stunning, my husband is now thinking I’m THE SEXIEST woman alive, Barbarella- watch out! She quickly selected some pieces that actually ‘make me better’ from my closet, and she’ll clean your closet out and organize it if you want.
She ‘diagnosed’ my “inner fashionista” and adorned ADORABLE me in the most flattering pieces on a budget from the Vintage Martini for my Grand Luxe Magazine makeover! She also takes clients to Nordstrom, boutiques etc…if they prefer. Call her, email her, I am SASSY HAPPY and recommend her highly, you’ll be in love with how you ‘feel’ and look!!!”

Kelly Bennett
Writer and Speaker
Grand Luxe Magazine




“Dora has been the most fabulous and helpful style advisor!! Happy to wish her the best as she moves on to new and exciting projects! I learned soo much about style and life from her and appreciate the many creative contributions she made to Project Husband on the production side!”
Lisa Linehan
Project Husband Star




“My husband was ‘blown away’ by the quality and caliber of my new clothes!!! He said you amped up my style by 800%. (And he’s a style snob!)”
Suzy Struhs Cox



“I really love how Dora bumped my style up and found stunning designer deals, I also have learned about choosing the best designers that enhance my style!!!”

Alicia Trevino President/CEO Century 21 Fine Homes & Estates





“I am soo pleased with all the many compliments I receive now! Dora is a real confidence booster!!!!”

Kelli Karlow





“My personal goal for Dora coming was to help me clean out clothes and “stuff” and feel better about my clothes. I was blown away by her sense of style and fashion, and what’s right for my body type. She literally cleaned out my clothes, belts, shoes, and jackets within hours. I have felt less overwhelmed and very fashionable since my time with Dora. She is pure joy to work with, very honest, open, and gifted about style and organizing, hard working and very efficient!!! Her prices are so reasonable, and she creatively updated my favorites with ideas for buttons, alterations, and mixing my pieces. I am very grateful to Dora, she’s made my 2013 soo pleasant and organized!!”
God bless you Dora!!

Mary Houston




“Love you Miss Chu!  LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes!!!”

Melissa Cazares Bankard




“I have followed what Dora advised, and I’m soo pleased! She’s the best, and I can’t wait to see her again!!”

Nancy Rodela




“As a recent college graduate, I had big dreams, but a low budget! Dora not only helped me find great pieces at bargain prices, but she helped me refine my style from ‘college-casual’ to ‘chic grad’! My wardrobe can now take me wherever the future leads!”
Kristin Breckenridge




“She has come to my home and those of my friends, taken on our closets, made us try on
what we think are our favorites. Then advised us what to keep, what to discard or donate,and what we need to go forward pulling it all together in light of our age, life style, and”fashion”. Dora is honest, very hard working, and most of all, “Really has a great EYE”…. a commodity one cannot put a price on. For many of us, she is invaluable!!”
Best Regards,
Mrs. Robin M. Gregory.
Melange Designs. Interior Design.




“Dora is so effusive that it’s contagious!!! Her sense of style is playful and chic simultaneously!! Thank you for recreating me and my closet!!!”
Tricia Pierce Toole
Owner at
I Design/




“Dora is fabulous. She has organized my closet, taken me shopping, and I am amazed at how much better my wardrobe looks!! She has truly made such a difference in my appearance, and I thought I looked pretty good before :)! She is teaching me how to shop smart, buy great designs at bargain prices and look great. She is lovely to work with.
I highly recommend Dora. She is awesome and so worth the investment!!!
Laurie Baron



“Working with Dora on style was great! I highly recommend using her service. She really knows her stuff and helped me out alot with understanding some do’s and don’ts as well as some very useful tips on how to layer. I use her tips on a regular basis, and it has helped me to utilize pieces I would have otherwise thrown away.She also helped me to broaden my taste a bit and try things i would have never picked out!… and the days i get lots of compliments on my attire i look down and realize that Dora had picked that out. She is lots of fun to work with too, i recall much laughter through the process of shedding my closet of unwantables.”
Thanks, Dora!
Dr. Sue Yu




“Before I was introduced to Dora Chu, my dressing style resembled my chosing between the chicken or the fish at a benefit dinner. I methodically shopped at Nordstrom where i chose clothes off a set rack of what “Everyone else was having.”  When Dora took my budget and stretched it beyond belief, I was amazed at her talent! She took me to upscale resale and retail shops and pulled stuff off the racks that I never knew I could pull off! She viewed me with her creative eye and styled me so that I looked hip and sexy, but refined. Dora truly has a sixth sense for fashion and finding the styles that bring out your best physical assets. However, on a more personal note, she also has the sensitivity to draw out and encourage your gifts!”
Thank you, Dora!
Anna Terry




“Dora is a joy to work with! She is sweet, encouraging, and at the same time- brutally honest! She has a fresh and fun, yet classic sense of style. She really knows labels and has found many real “finds” for me at the consignment stores around Dallas. I have learned so much from her!!!”
Kathleen Groppe
Jewelry Designer




“I have known Dora since high school and she was always into fashion. When I mentioned a need to update my look, she grabbed me by the hand and said, “Let’s go!” The end result speaks for itself – I was thrilled!”
Kathryn E. Eriksen



“Dora made me venture out into colors and styles I hadn’t considered before with truly wonderful results!!!”
Peggy Borchert


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