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Dora’s SPECStacular Says….

Dora pic for FASHION SCOOP website!
Cool pieces like the velvet blazer deserve a close-up this season‎. It’s a brave new world; I love venturing forth in scrumptious velvet instead of my usual black leather moto jacket. The purple velvet jacket was snagged for five dollars from the Refinery Consignment Boutique (formerly the Uptown Consignment) Bi-Monthly Five Dollar Sale! Beautiful handmade rhinestone shank buttons and a visit to my trusty tailor helped transform my find into “specs”tacular.                                                                                                     Suiting up with bell bottom velvet jeans added “flair”. (For your own velvet jacket- check out Frame Denim for their stellar classic.) And, allowing your frilly or lace shirt sleeves to extend softly out from under jacket sleeves is much more interesting.
With this deal, I could be put away for highway robbery, but at least I’ll look fabulous with my handsome uniformed escorts! xoxo
Refinery Consignment Boutique                                                           DITA Eyewear: Occhiali Modern Optics                                                     ‎Handmade buttons:                           Frame Denim:                                     Makeup:                                                         Haircut: Warren Wilkes         Photo: Pedro Alcantara           Editor: Erik Sandoval

Spectacular thanks to FASHION SCOOP, Ashleigh Blakes and Jacob Browning!!!



lauren t!Why not give yourself a beauty boost with some truly exquisite help from Lauren,”The Luxurious Lashes Empress”?
Lauren Taylor has resurrected all that she learned from five years of working as a lash stylist and her previous background in specialty skin care to elevate her lash techniques to a fine art. She only uses NovaLash- the award-winning medical-grade adhesive called “the healthiest” professional eyelash extension system.
I felt AMAZINGLY comfy all thru the application process. And, I was so happy with the natural (please request “natural” or “dramatic” or somewhere in between) and beautyful results that I “must” celebrate with The Lash Loft Mimosa!
Lauren, thank you so much for your hard work, and rockstar results!!!

Call, email, or facebook for an appt .


Start With A Great Foundation!!!

Don an exceptional statement piece from the Piermarini for a serene stroll down Exposition Ave or thru Snider Plaza. 🙂

Effortless dressing IS liberating, and it all begins with great foundation pieces that interchange and transform according to your own evolving personal style. The Piermarini Boutique’s fresh attitude and unfussy collections are not so much about trends as they are about seasonless pieces that continue to be relevant year after year! I’ve paired the Kymerah dress with my five year old Barneys Coop boots, new vest and bag, and vintage taupe gloves, what would you chose?? xoxo

Hair and Makeup: Paul Neinast.

Photography: Wade Livingston.

Photo Assistant: Adam George

And, BIGGIE thanks to Alison Volk of Plan B PR and my Assistant, Danielle Brown!


Izavel Inspires!!!

Offset military toughness with the unrestrained joy of a “Little White Dress” from Izavel’s enchanting 2013 Spring/Summer Collection paired with my own jacket and boots. Stay tuned for upcoming makeover magic with Izavel, Paul Neinast and me as we highlight classic variations on wearing Izavel’s stunning white silk!!!

The pure colour traditionally suited for summer can be powerfully unpredictable in haute fall fashion ensembles. xoxo

Hair and Makeup: Paul Neinast.

Photography: Wade Livingston

Photo Assistant: Adam George

And, Big thanks to my sweet intern, Danielle Brown!



Izavel’s modern lines are especially stunning in white!!!

photo: Izavel Lookbook


The Edgar Gomez 2013 Spring/Summer Collection Unveiled!!!

The Edgar Gomez Spring/Summer 2013 Collection highlights the consummate creative genius of its dauntlessly divine Designer, Edgar Gomez. An exuberant aura of ladylike glamour exudes throughout the collection, including the ethereal silhouettes, romantic peplum tops, and the exquisitely created hand-executed work of the Venezuelan born couturier.







Beautifully surreal, yet full of functionality: delicate fabrications in vibrant blue and pristine porcelain white colors are invigorated with a dreamlike fantasy as Edgar transports his audience on a magnificent adventure paying homage to the ancient Ming Dynasty.










His inspired odyssey back to this noted era of Chinese resurgence began during the middle of 2012, and the Edgar Gomez Spring/Summer 2013 Collections not only evoke his long time passion for the form and the softly accentuated decoration of Ming vases, but also remarkably reflect the trends that are currently reigning over international runways!










There’s something very alluring about Edgar Gomez’s irresistible updates to the classic sheath. Model Taylor Boyd is wearing one of the designer’s favorite evocations of the form and splendid decoration of Ming vases.
One trait that truly phenomenal fashion designers share is their ability to make women feel beautiful. Make her feel more beautiful, and perhaps she’s going to exude fearlessness because she’s invincible in “Edgar”, and then…., the sky’s the limit.

Photo: Wade Livingston

Stylist: Juan Lerma

Hair and Makeup: Jerrad Trahan


Master Stylists Change the World!!!

They change how we view  ourselves and the mysterious elements of “beauty”.
Paul Neinast has mastered his “Art” of sculpting clients’ hair designed superbly to their face and hair texture and exacting hair color a la excellence to clients’ skin tones and eyes so they become their own masterpieces! Paul studied biochemistry for twelve years and worked in conjunction with chemists of world renown to develop an unparalleled line of treatment and styling products. His Colour-In Shampoo is my go-to miracle beauty treatment and  WONDROUSLY renews colour while infusing locks with shine and body. Pure colour pigments in Blue-Brown, Cinnamon, Red Copper, Golden Blonde, or Ash Blonde are added to Neinast Moisturizing Shampoo. Simply apply Colour-In Shampoo to freshly washed hair, leave in for five to thirty minutes (thirty minutes is my routine), rinse and VOILA!!! Definitely try the Superpak Conditioner; hair is enriched with vegetable proteins restoring broken protein strands to provide renewed strength, beauty and texture.

Paul Neinast has been featured in numerous publications including: In Style, Town & Country, Glamour, Vogue, Self, Allure and Time Magazine!  xxoo


Going Baroque!!!

Go for Baroque by layering on a lavish mix of va voom vintage gold jewelry and pearls from the beautifully impeccable collection of Mary Vera! This ornate look would fare wonderfully over leather or velvet (my cashmere crew neck is photo-ed), and don’t forget a bold red lip!!!









 Over white paired with my Dolce & Gabbana satin skirt!



Makeup: Joe Flores for Stanley Korshak, 214.871.3631.







Yea!!! This stunning vintage gold choker “turned headband” was a “snag” from Mary! Black satin ribbon transforms to don for a fashionista night out; I can’t wait to attend Rock ‘n Runway tomorrow evening at Stanley Korshak!!! 🙂






One of Mary’s fabulous cases!!! xoxo

Mary Vera@ Antique Row

5013 West Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas 75209




This past week, I attended a chic and tres interessant Medicis Aesthetics luncheon where celebrity “secrets” were uncovered! Speaking, were a panel of experts, chosen across a variety of key life areas to speak to the secrets behind the stars’ success.

After pulling together what I learned from the fantastic “four” (speakers), it became evident that taking care of and maintaining our skin and our health are what really count, read on for their unique and highly informative perspectives!


It was a great pleasure (and very motivating) to meet nationally recognized and naturally beautiful and dynamic, Dr. Vivian Bucay, MD, FAAD!

She says, “Youth is a gift, age is an art.”

“A key goal in cosmetic procedures is to make the most of a person’s natural beauty while striving for balance and harmony between features,” says Dr. Bucay, who particularly enjoys combining treatments in order to enhance outcomes. She relies on Botox® and DysportT to minimize wrinkles and fillers like Restylane®, Perlane®, Radiesse®, and Sculptra® Aesthetic to replace volume and restore facial contours. “Any time that you treat one part of the face, it automatically affects other parts of the face, so a global perspective is very important.” Dr. Bucay also encourages patients to start a skin-care regimen as early on as possible. “Even if the structure of the face hasn’t started to show signs of aging, tired skin or acne can hinder aesthetic appeal. I always personally try products before suggesting them so patients can rest assured that my recommendations are based on my own experiences. With the right product, the right doctor and the right combination of treatments, you can be on your way to beautiful skin in no time.” “New Beauty” magazine.

Must reads!!! No more dry skin blahs:  How Dr. Bucay beat her own case of stage four melanoma cancer with a five-year survival rate of 50 percent:



Vivacious Andrea used diet to heal her own past thyroid health  problems. She says, “The old adage, ‘You are what you eat’, is clearly one of the most profound statements in regards to human health.” Andrea believes that poor quality foods are contributing greatly to sickness and disease. Learn about the health aspects of food and how to prepare delicious and nutritious recipes on her website.

Here are Andrea’s five tips for beautiful skin: 1. Water is an internal moisturizer besides flushing waste out of the body, make water your go-to beauty beverage. 2. Antioxidant (Vitamins A, C, E) rich foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, prevent free radicals from harming healthy tissue. 3. Whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruit move waste out of the body preventing toxic overload. 4. Adequate protein to repair free radical damage from naturally raised or wild animal products. 5. Reduce stress as there is a direct link between long term stress and premature aging.


The Marvelous Makeup Maven, Krsytle Poulin, shared her six top secrets for good skin and looking beautiful! I REAlly need to work on number two, which one would you need to start practicing?? “1. Drink water! It plumps the skin and keeps you looking fresh and youthful. As most of our body is made of water, it’s essential! 2. Sleep! I can always tell when my client/talent hasn’t had enough sleep. The best cure for dark circles! 3. Good skin care. No matter how good the makeup application or brand. You can’t cover bad skin. It’s important to always take your makeup off at night and exfoliate. I always advise my clients to also moisturize and always use an eye cream. Even if you have oily skin, it’s important to moisturize. 4. Less is more. As we age I am of a fan of less makeup. Keeping things soft and natural. A pop of color on the lips and cheeks is always flattering. 5. I am also a big fan of powdered sunscreens. Liquid SPF’s contain alot of chemicals. They tend to always make people breakout, even when they claim not to! For me, in my career it’s great because it doesn’t disturb the actors makeup and cuts the shine! Two in one! 6. And my top tip is to curl your eyelashes, with a few coats of mascara added. I know some woman are afraid of this medieval-looking contraption, but it’s my favorite beauty tool! It opens the eye and defines. It’s a must have!”


Kino MacGregor is the youngest woman in a very select group in the world to be certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga. The story of her journey touched a chord in me as we both strongly believe that our special inner spirit can define us and gives us our “real” beauty. Kino’s bio states, “Traveling internationally, Kino helps her students deepen their understanding of yoga and life in her unique, inspirational and playful approach.”

From beginners to advanced, all who desire the healing effects of yoga and desire to attain more strength will love Kino’s insights, instruction and wisdom!