Dora’s SPECStacular Says….

Dora pic for FASHION SCOOP website!
Cool pieces like the velvet blazer deserve a close-up this season‎. It’s a brave new world; I love venturing forth in scrumptious velvet instead of my usual black leather moto jacket. The purple velvet jacket was snagged for five dollars from the Refinery Consignment Boutique (formerly the Uptown Consignment) Bi-Monthly Five Dollar Sale! Beautiful handmade rhinestone shank buttons and a visit to my trusty tailor helped transform my find into “specs”tacular.                                                                                                     Suiting up with bell bottom velvet jeans added “flair”. (For your own velvet jacket- check out Frame Denim for their stellar classic.) And, allowing your frilly or lace shirt sleeves to extend softly out from under jacket sleeves is much more interesting.
With this deal, I could be put away for highway robbery, but at least I’ll look fabulous with my handsome uniformed escorts! xoxo
Refinery Consignment Boutique                                                           DITA Eyewear: Occhiali Modern Optics                                                     ‎Handmade buttons:                           Frame Denim:                                     Makeup:                                                         Haircut: Warren Wilkes         Photo: Pedro Alcantara           Editor: Erik Sandoval

Spectacular thanks to FASHION SCOOP, Ashleigh Blakes and Jacob Browning!!!