Going Baroque!!!

Go for Baroque by layering on a lavish mix of va voom vintage gold jewelry and pearls from the beautifully impeccable collection of Mary Vera! This ornate look would fare wonderfully over leather or velvet (my cashmere crew neck is photo-ed), and don’t forget a bold red lip!!!









Ā Over white paired with my Dolce & Gabbana satin skirt!

Hair: www.neinastsalon.com

Photo: www.carmenbrightphotography.com

Makeup: Joe Flores for Stanley Korshak, 214.871.3631.







Yea!!! This stunning vintage gold choker “turned headband” was a “snag” from Mary! Black satin ribbon transforms to don for a fashionista night out; I can’t wait to attend Rock ‘n Runway tomorrow evening at Stanley Korshak!!! šŸ™‚






One of Mary’s fabulous cases!!! xoxo

Mary Vera@ Antique Row

5013 West Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas 75209




This past week, I attended aĀ chic and tres interessant Medicis Aesthetics luncheonĀ where celebrity “secrets” were uncovered! Speaking, were a panel of experts, chosen across a variety of key life areas to speak to the secrets behind the stars’ success.

After pulling together what I learned from the fantastic “four” (speakers), it becameĀ evident that taking care of and maintaining our skin and our health are what really count, read on for their unique and highly informative perspectives!


It was a great pleasure (and very motivating) to meet nationally recognized and naturally beautiful and dynamic, Dr. Vivian Bucay, MD, FAAD!

She says, “Youth is a gift, age is an art.”

“A key goal in cosmetic procedures is to make the most of a person’s natural beauty while striving for balance and harmony between features,” says Dr. Bucay, who particularly enjoys combining treatments in order to enhance outcomes. She relies on BotoxĀ® and DysportT to minimize wrinkles and fillers like RestylaneĀ®, PerlaneĀ®, RadiesseĀ®, and SculptraĀ® Aesthetic to replace volume and restore facial contours. “Any time that you treat one part of the face, it automatically affects other parts of the face, so a global perspective is very important.” Dr. Bucay also encourages patients to start a skin-care regimen as early on as possible. “Even if the structure of the face hasn’t started to show signs of aging, tired skin or acne can hinder aesthetic appeal. I always personally try products before suggesting them so patients can rest assured that my recommendations are based on my own experiences. With the right product, the right doctor and the right combination of treatments, you can be on your way to beautiful skin in no time.” “New Beauty” magazine.

Must reads!!! No more dry skin blahs: http://www.shape.com/lifestyle/beauty-style/do-away-dry-skinĀ  How Dr. Bucay beat her own case of stage four melanoma cancer with a five-year survival rate of 50 percent: http://www.more.com/beauty/skin/how-not-get-skin-cancer?page=3 http://www.drvivianbucay.com/about/



Vivacious Andrea used diet to heal her own past thyroid healthĀ  problems. She says, “The old adage, ‘You are what you eat’, is clearly one of the most profound statements in regards to human health.” Andrea believes that poor quality foods are contributing greatly to sickness and disease. Learn about the health aspects of food and how to prepare delicious and nutritious recipes on her website.

Here are Andrea’s five tips for beautiful skin: 1. Water is an internal moisturizer besides flushing waste out of the body, make water your go-to beauty beverage. 2. Antioxidant (Vitamins A, C, E) rich foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, prevent free radicals from harming healthy tissue. 3. Whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruit move waste out of the body preventing toxic overload. 4. Adequate protein to repair free radical damage from naturally raised or wild animal products. 5. Reduce stress as there is a direct link between long term stress and premature aging. http://www.andreabeaman.com/


The Marvelous Makeup Maven, Krsytle Poulin, shared her six top secrets for good skin and looking beautiful! I REAlly need to work on number two, which one would you need to start practicing?? “1. Drink water! It plumps the skin and keeps you looking fresh and youthful. As most of our body is made of water, it’s essential! 2. Sleep! I can always tell when my client/talent hasn’t had enough sleep. The best cure for dark circles! 3. Good skin care. No matter how good the makeup application or brand. You can’t cover bad skin. It’s important to always take your makeup off at night and exfoliate. I always advise my clients to also moisturize and always use an eye cream. Even if you have oily skin, it’s important to moisturize. 4. Less is more. As we age I am of a fan of less makeup. Keeping things soft and natural. A pop of color on the lips and cheeks is always flattering. 5. I am also a big fan of powdered sunscreens. Liquid SPF’s contain alot of chemicals. They tend to always make people breakout, even when they claim not to! For me, in my career it’s great because it doesn’t disturb the actors makeup and cuts the shine! Two in one! 6. And my top tip is to curl your eyelashes, with a few coats of mascara added. I know some woman are afraid of this medieval-looking contraption, but it’s my favorite beauty tool! It opens the eye and defines. It’s a must have!” http://www.krystlepoulin.com/


Kino MacGregor is the youngest woman in a very select group in the world to be certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga. The story of her journey touched a chord in me as we both strongly believe that our special inner spiritĀ can defineĀ us and givesĀ us ourĀ “real” beauty. Kino’s bio states, “Traveling internationally, Kino helps her students deepen their understanding of yoga and life in her unique, inspirational and playful approach.”

From beginners to advanced, all who desire the healing effects of yoga and desire to attain more strength will love Kino’s insights, instruction and wisdom!Ā  http://www.kinoyoga.comĀ  http://www.miamilifecenter.com