The “Dirty” on Keeping Your Treasures Clean and Perfect!

You’ve spent time and effort collecting some wonderful pieces, and hope they will give you years of wear! Read on for some tips to keep enjoying your treasures season after season!

It was mutual infatuation at first sight when I spotted a stunning white cotton blouse by Robert Rodriguez at Neiman’s Last Call some years past. I resisted the “Call” to buy because the elaborate styling looked difficult to iron. Rarely, do I take my white cotton blouses to the cleaners because they seem to discolor and wear out pretty fast.

My point, always consider the care of a garment as part of the actual “cost”. Frequent dry cleaning will severely shorten the life of your garment. Manufacturers often tag a garment as “Dry Clean Only”, but they do this only to protect themselves against the unwitting gal who would machine wash her silk in hot water and agitate the garment into a frenzy. I only take my jackets and coats in for cleaning on an annual basis! Another tip to cut down on dry cleaning trips is to wear thin tees under your clothes, and then air your clothes out after each wear.

Most dry cleaners will provide a cold water wash service upon request, but the best, cheapest, and easiest way to clean your favs is simply using the hand wash cycle on your front loader. Top loaders can agitate and tear down delicate fibers. Tumble in your dryer for a few minutes on the no heat setting, and you can touch up with a warm iron. Certain rayons, acetates, and a few other blends may not respond as well to cold water washing as natural fibers. Presoak heavily soiled items.


Pretty Pumps: from Shoddy to Shiny!

Stylistas, It’s a Shoe-in that Our Pretty Pumps Can Quickly Go from Shiny to Shoddy While Being Such Favored and Fun Accessories!

So, here is what I recommend to keep you striding along in your show worthy shoes for beaucoup seasons:
Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, etc… all use the Cobbler in Preston Royal for their shoes, yet the prices are kind enough to my cheap budget to keep me coming back year after year for the sweet work!

Leather soled shoes are gorgeous, etc…, but not for long. Make them (or shoes with synthetic soles) wear like iron by having George adhere additional rubber soles. There are black and tan, and even red rubber soles for Louboutin’s! 🙂

Plan to have your shoes at the Cobbler for a week, and expect to invest around $25 per pair for shoes that will look good forever (Well… almost!) ! I also recommend heel guards.
Happy Striding!!!!!!!

Note: If you have a purse you’d prefer to carry cross body, they can create a lovely long matching strap! I’ve had this done several times, and the cost averaged $50.


Pulp Fashion!

Stila Deala is released from the pen after doing time for crimes in “high fashion”! She’s rather beguiling in her mugshot wearing a burgundy YSL velvet ensemble and Dolce & Gabbana yellow silk blouse, and crocodile vintage bag all available at the Uptown Consignment!

What do you believe is in store for a chic cat burglar???

Well, this scheming fashionista can’t resist one final “score”, she’s back to her old tricks!

Stila’s eagerly anticipating an easy heist; no one is home, and this joint is known to be overflowing with tempting treasures!

Stila breaks down and experiences a moment or two of remorse just before proceeding to the job at hand.

Alas, she slips on a Tiffany stud while fleeing down the staircase, and things are sadly looking pretty pitchy for this pick pocket!

Note: At least she’s withering in YSL!

Wow, what a magnificent miracle!!! Is total redemption happily at hand for Stila???

Stay tuned for more of Stila’s “high fashion” adventures!

Hair: Neinast Salon 214.999.0400

Makeup: Bryce Faulkner. Barneys New York 469.221.4717

Photography and Ultra SUPER COOL Collaboration by