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After spending a bit too much time on a far away planet, Dora’s dear friends speak of her as being ‘eccentric’ and ‘quirky’. Green tea, vintage boutiques, designer clothing deals, world news, long walks, and CBS This Morning are her faves as well as spending time remodeling gals’ wardrobes.

According to Miuccia Prada, “Fashion is instant language”, and Dora spent most of her life learning to speak ‘Fashionista’!  European travels and some time in Paris as a model began her journey to learn how great fashion could both inspire and express individuality. “We are all ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made, and what we chose to wear can certainly help us to to be more of a wondrous ‘work of art’!” 

Dora’s fashion philosophy embraces using fashion to increase self esteem and express individual inner beauty. Our own special individuality is powerful and our priceless treasure! Fashion is expensive, “style” is not.

Stay tuned for news about Dora’s fun upcoming videos. Learn how to fashionista up on a dime to help create a long term self image boost!


Dora is looking forward to sharing much fashionista love and fun!!!

All Makeup:

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